Appeel collection

The Appeel collection follows an evnironmental philosophy that appreciates and respects nature’s value. Apple peels and cores are composing the raw material of Appeel’s patented technique. A manufacuting procedure that grants the less respected and, usally, directly wasted part of the fruit a new scope. This is enabled by a patented and trendsetting technique. Those valuable residual products are dried and ground to powder within 24 hours before oxidation process could start. The raw material gained by this transformation process serves as base of operations for our environmentally friendly and sustainable paper as well as eco faux leather items.
The Appeel collection  comprises a multitude of exclusivly and high-classy handcrafted accessories and note pads made of eco faux leather and paper.
All items are manufactured from apple peels and selected plant fibers – an innovative fusion by technology and inventiveness.
The collection has been inspired by nature itself and Italy’s varied landscape. From the very first blossom in the warming sun up to the autumnal colors shortly before harvest seaon. Appeel is an innovative process that remains true to oneself and its Italian roots. A collection for all those, who adore nature-related items and Italian desin – and an alternative for all those, for whom animals and environment are close to their hearts.