Genuine 3D in your hand!

Together with your Android or iOS smartphone Google Cardboard will be your admission ticket to the Virtual Reality 3D World. Start the App or a movie and place your cellphone in the Google Cardboard.

Hold it in front of your eyes and have a look through both lenses.

For both of your eyes, a slightly to each other skipped photo will be shown on the display. Just like that a genuine 3D is generated.

For with cheap and non-Google-certified lenses a blurred photo is often generated, we favorably utilize the top item POP! Cardboard,

„Made in Germany“.


Please find the following press commentaries:


„Evaluation result: Excellent.– Android Magazine 26/2015

„German Google Cardboard-enhancements POP! Cardboard is operating much better than the original.– c’t magazine 14/2015

„Awesome, what becomes possible with Smartphone and POP! CARDBOARD! –

„Assembling within seconds. It is very valent to the touch as a cardboard box. –

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