Mugs, mugs, mugs

Poly – the queen of mugs.
The latest mug is fairly confusing mug world. “She” ought to be one of the first polygon mugs that is manufacutered in mass production by isostatic compression – a technique promising particular accuracy with bone china. “She” is the eye catcher on each table. Individually imprinted, glazed, and engraved Poly could be particularly able to transmit a modern branding image.

Concret-gold – the latest material mix.
A completely new momentum within tableware bone china – white gold and diginified manufactory concret are coalescing with material mix at top level.

Retro mug.
Retro is ultra hip! Everybody knows the old, enameled tin mug and links them with cozy sentiments to the olden days. Finally, there is mug made of bone chine in this likable design. »Tin Mugs« are substantially more shock prove than enamel and could be permanently scratch proof imprinted or engraved. No matter if in outdoor industry or barber’s shop, campfire romanticism or approved item – this retro style is heart touching!