ISO 9001

Due to certification, our quality management has become apparent and verifiable. Our services are assured according to DIN ISO 9001. This standard is one of the „Euopean Commission for Standardization’s standard on evaluating and improving companies‘ quality management. The certification conditions‘ adherence is tested annually. We internalized qualtity in each and every process.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate admixx german/english (PDF)

Quality Assurance and Sustainability



Bio Zertifikat

With this certification, we fulfil the requirements of Article 35(1) of Regulation (EC) No. 2018/848 and are thus entitled to process, store, package or import organic raw materials and organic products.

Organic inspection body code: DE-ÖKO-006

Organic certificate admixx Mühlacker (PDF in German)

Organic-certificate admixx Ottobrunn (PDF in German)




The CE mark (Communautés Européennes) is the symbol, with which the manufacturer or importer acknowledges and complies with European Community’s guidelines. The marking is only permitted to use, in case there would be set up an European guideline for the item. It is the legislative basis for adding this sign.




It is called a fair trade, if it is an observed trade, with which the originators are mainly paid with a minimum price determined by fair trade organizations on the traded items. The amount of a fair price has been a highly discussed topic in the area of business ethics over the last centuries. Besides, there are attempts to establish cooperative relationships between dealers and originators. Furthermore, environmentally and social standards based internationally as well as directed by organizations need to be adhered during production process.




GOTS is the abbreviation for „Global Organic Textile Standard“ and the globally leading standard in manufacturing textiles made of biologically produced natural fibers. GOTS defines environmental requirements and social criteria to be adhered along the entire chain of production in textile industry.




The German Food and Feed Code (LFGB) serves the consumers protection of dangerous food, feed, cosmetic products, and utensils. Promotional items that are covered under this code or encounter food are prohibited to endanger human health according to this code.




The label „textile trust – tox proof textiles according to OEKOTEX® standard 100“ marked textile products, whose hygienic innocuousness has successfully been tested on about 100 health-relevant parameters by independent institutes of OEKO-TEX® community. The quality mark is only possible to be add on those items, whose complete components are non-hazardous.




REACH is the abbreviation for the EC regulation on registration, evaluation, admission, and limitations of chemicals. Accordingly, there are only articles permitted to launch on to the market, whose chemical components are known and are as well registered with as permitted by the „European Chemical Agency“ (ECHA). Thus, this is self-evidently valid for promotional items as well, only authorized compounds are permitted to be utilized.



This EC guideline (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) serves limiting the utilization of certain hazardous material in electric and electrical devices. It regulates utilization and distributor of hazardous material with electric and electrical devices. The items ought to be preferably free of polluting contaminants. Promotional items are prohibited to exceed the admissible value of heavy metal, fire protection agents or mercury particularly with regard to legal enforcement of the guidelines.




SA8000 is an international standard with the aim to improve labor conditions of employees (clerks, worker and even contract worker). Companies are independently enrolling with SAI (Social Accountability International) for certification. In contrast to national codes and guidelines,  SA8000 is an international standard, whose certification and adherence is based on a voluntary decision of each company.


Toys Safety Directive EN71


Toys Safety Directive serves product safety. Thereby especially children ought to be protected from hazardous material, which could influence their health or upgrowth. Cacinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic material are prohibited without fail. Besides, obvious warning notes (e.g. suffocation hazard warning or warning on swallowable parts) needs to be stated on outer packings.




The electric and electrical devise waste guideline regulates disposal handling of electronic waste. The guideline’s aim is to avoid and in addition the recycling, material recycling and other ways of recycling of such waste in order to reduce the waste volume to be eliminated. Thus, promotional items are prohibited to ruthlessly increase electronic waste, but need to be reintroduced to the waste cycle like all electric devices. This, however, has been banned from executing through residual waste, but needs to be returned to manufacturers and importers through public collecting spots since 2006.

Therefore each manufacturer and distributor of electronically promotional items need to be registered and need to pay correspondent fees. Visible with the marking and registration number on the item.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard


The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a proprietary information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. The PCI Standard is mandated by the card brands and administered by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. The standard was created to increase controls around cardholder data to reduce credit card fraud. Admixx Online Shops are PCI-DSS certified.