USB-C the new USB generation

Thanks to the new industrial standards USB-C, the long-term standardization occurs on charging and data interfaces for both mobile as well as fixed gadgets such as: smartphones, laptops, tablets, printers, digital cameras, external hard discs and so.

Nowadays, a typical laptop has the connections USB, HDMI, VGA, main plug, and display ports. Those connections could be economized to a unique kind of connections due to the new generation.

The new generation pledges, in addition, an enormous performance improvement with data transfer and charging rate. Current data transfer rates by comparison:

An entire HD-movie could be transferred within approx. 30 seconds in future as well as 4K-videos and ultra HD music will be tremendously improved.

Furthermore, the USB-C connection is only one third of the USB-A connection’s size and has the mechanical advantage that connector could be set ad libitum.

The connector USB-C has already been built-in with Apple MacBook, but companies such as Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft, and Samsung are supporting and publicizing this new generation.

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